Book of Life: Miriam Zimmet – Descendants of the Holocaust

Book of Life: Miriam Zimmet – Descendants of the Holocaust

History: Civic Leaders

History: Civic Leaders

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Tree of Life
“Behold, a good doctrine has been given you, My Torah, do not forsake it. It is a tree of life to those who hold it fast, and all who cling to it find happiness. Its ways are ways of pleasantness, and all its paths are peace”.

In 1999 the Jewish Community of South Australia curated an exhibition entitled the Tree of Life, for display at the Migration Museum (June to August 1999). We have recreated most of this exhibition on the Adelaide Jewish Museum website as it is an opportunity to add instant historical depth to the site. The exhibition panels were scanned for the website in July 2002 by Terri Matthews from Fuji Xerox Adelaide.

The original exhibition was sponsored by Adelaide City Council; Adelaide Hebrew Congregation; Beit Shalom Synagogue; Council of Christians and Jews, SA; Nyra and Albert Bensimon; Carol and Norman Schueler.

The following people donated their time and services:
I Aarons; S Almond; K Bailey; J Billingsley; G Bloustien; P Goodman; A Lipschitz; D Lipschitz; T Sharp; J Soininen; SA Union of Jewish Students.

Tree of Life Project Committee members:
M Ades; N Bensimon; K Benveniste; T Blumenthal; C Finnimore; K Goode; R Hoenig; M Luno; A Matison; L Ninio; G Rich; H Tversky-Steiner; B Yallen.

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Virtual Exhibitions, Newsletters, Past and Present...

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Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – March 2004 Leave a Legacy A few months ago, I visited a member of the Jewish community to collect an object for the Jewish New Year exhibit in the display cabinets at the [...]

Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – September 2003 Adam Lewinski Documenting Jewish Adelaide In July I attended a workshop at the Sydney Jewish Museum on contemporary issues related to Jewish and Holocaust Museums in Australia. It was a forum [...]

Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – June 2003 Dreidel Collection Most people would be familiar with an inexpensive wooden or plastic toy dreidel given to children at Channukah time for the customary spinning and game playing. It never occurred [...]

Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – June 2003 The Janzow Correspondence On Deaf Ears It was at last year’s Yom Hashoa Memorial that guest speaker Peter Monteath spoke about the Janzow correspondence. He alerted the community to the existence [...]

Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – May 2003 Andrew Steiner – Sculptor Adelaide may boast a small Jewish community, but it has its fair share of outstanding personalities. One such person is Andrew Steiner, and recently, I was delighted [...]

Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – April 2003 Tale of a Tallis Marjorie Luno’s father Harold was born in 1883. Being Jewish, he would have had his Barmitzvah in 1896. His mother (who was the wife of the Rabbi [...]

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Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – December 2002 Israeli Cooking Avoiding fast food, but not good food, I’ve been attending Hadass Arens’ Israeli cooking course for the past few weeks, and learned the formulas for some exotic and unusual [...]

Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – November 2002 Goatskin scroll This month, I had my first opportunity to identify an item of Judaica. I received a call from the Shorter/MacPherson family who have in their possession an old scroll [...]

Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – October 2002 Pope Pius XII Letters I often receive interesting letters addressed to the Museum Curator. Recently, a student from Sacred Heart College researching the topic of Pope Pius XII wrote asking for [...]

Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – September 2002 Silver Candlesticks Growing up in South Africa, I remember once a week Esther Mahlangu, our maid, sitting in the sun on the stoep (back yard step), legs outstretched, apron protecting her [...]

Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – August 2002 Donations to the Museum One of the goals of the Adelaide Jewish Museum is to collect and look after objects of Judaica, including documents and photographs of local Jewish history. As [...]

Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – July 2002 New Year ephemera Jewish New Year cards When we moved from South Africa to Australia, I knew that I was going to regret throwing out my suitcase full of cards and [...]

Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – June 2002 Writers Workshop There is an increasing widespread use of personal testimonies as an important way of recovering the past and gathering and presenting historical information. On Sunday 25th August we will [...]

Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – May 2002 Virtual Museum The Adelaide Jewish Museum could be described as a virtual museum because we exist as a website. We have a modest display space in the foyer of the Adelaide [...]

  Newsletter of the Adelaide Jewish Museum – November 2001 To friends and members of the Jewish community As you may know, we recently launched the Adelaide Jewish Museum, and we are in the process of planning for a suitable [...]

The following article was written by Patricia Kopstein of Flinders University for the TCMA Journal in 2006. Preparing for the Jewish High Holy days: A Photographic Exercise Patricia Kopstein Flinders University The quest now is ours.  Help us … to [...]

The Pesach series featured in this exhibition was done this year as an exercise, to bring Torah alive for Rabbi Patti Kopstein and her long-distance study partner, Fiona Dimond. The difference in their topics, in their images, shows each woman’s [...]

A collection of precious items used in the homes of the Adelaide Jewish Community. Traditional Shabbat candlesticks used in Leanda and Barbie’s homes. This set of Shabbat candles loaned by Chani is made specifically for travel. When closed it looks [...]

Photographer: Patrick Page The artist at work Hillary Brenner is a well-known local artist and teacher of ceramic painting. She hand-paints a wide variety of ceramic objects, many of them can be used for the ritual observation of Pesach, Rosh [...]

Kiddish cups painted by adults for a display at the Adelaide Hebrew Congregation. The brief: To decorate a wine cup on any theme of Jewish life or religion. Justine ‘Chassidic musicians’ Diane ‘Moses’ and Roslyn ‘Jewish wedding’ Leanda ‘Tree of [...]

The Jewish New Year Detail of display featuring apple and honey containers painted by Hillary Brenner and loans from members of the community. In Hebrew, Rosh Hashanah means “head of the year”. It commemorates the anniversary of creation. On this [...]

Some of the items on display at the Adelaide Hebrew Congregation December/January 2003 Menorah made by Erez Cohen (formerly of Adelaide) for his son in 2000. Australian Bottlebrush & beer tops. Donated to the Adelaide Jewish Museum. Menorah made and [...]

Dreidel storage cabinet Most people are familiar with an inexpensive wooden or plastic toy dreidel that is given to kids at Jewish schools at Channukah time for spinning and game playing. This not insignificant small-scale object was the inspiration for [...]

In June 2003 Jewish Community Services organized an inter-generational day with the Bagels Plus group and Massada College Year 4-5 class.  The theme was From Russia With Love.  There was Russian style dance, a talk about Russia by Rabbi Engel, [...]

Israel Independence Day A display celebrating the anniversary of the establishment of the State of Israel. Under the guidance of Sigal Tish, Reception and Year 1 students at Massada College made relief lettering art works, using plasticine to create the [...]

Decorated Kiddush Cups The bible mentions that Noah planted a vineyard on Mount Ararat after the great flood, and later drank the wine he made from it. However, the origins of wine go back even further than this. In ancient [...]

A magpie not only refers to a bird with a long tail, black plumage and white markings. It can also be used to describe someone who compulsively collects or hoards small objects. I am grateful to Terry Aizen for her [...]

To celebrate Pesach (English: Passover), we commissioned some children from Massada College to paint ceramic plates on the theme of the 10 plagues. The plates were then glazed and fired. When Pharaoh ignored warnings by Moses to free the Jewish [...]

Curator Statement Museum exhibitions traditionally have important objects of value on display. This Purim display turns that notion on its head because many of the items on exhibit are frivolous and fun, and were intended for short-term use not long-term [...]

The Festival of Lights This display has been curated for Chanukah using objects loaned from members of the Jewish community. The objects show the diversity of styles and materials of the menorah, and the idiosyncratic taste of the lenders of [...]

Exhibition created for the launch of the Adelaide Jewish Museum. The students of Massada College were given a workshop on the paintings of Marc Chagall and were free to be inspired by his art and use elements from his paintings [...]

Tree of Life

“For it is a tree of life for those who grasp it, and for them that uphold it, everyone is rendered happy. Its ways are ways of pleasantness and all its paths are peace. Long life is at its right side, riches and honour at its left”.

Proverbs 3:18

The above quotation from the Torah, the guidebook to Jewish life, refers to the study of this vital text. Through the approach suggested in the Torah, we celebrate Jewish existence. The quotation was the inspiration for a fundraising project that includes a major artwork installation called the Tree of Life.

Celebrating over 150 years of South Australia’s Jewish community, the Tree of Life provides sponsors with the opportunity to own part of the Tree by contributing funds to the Adelaide Hebrew Congregation. With the kind permission from the AHC and the artist Simon Kessel, the Adelaide Jewish Museum has used the image of the Tree of Life sculpture for its identity and logo. The tree casts a shadow in the form of a menorah, the archetypal symbol of Judaism. This aspect of the design was the inspiration of graphic designers Hollinshead Zikas.

More about the Tree of Life Artwork, and the Artist, Simon Kessel.

Book of Life

This is an opportunity for South Australia’s Jewish community to share stories about their lives and to document their family history. Families that have relocated elsewhere subsequent to living in South Australia are also encouraged to submit their stories.
Email your story to Jewish Museum if you wish to publish it on the Adelaide Jewish Museum website. Photographs and documents can be scanned in to add value to the written word.

The Adelaide Jewish Museum publishes stories from the community on the Museum website. The records are freely and publicly available. However, copyright remains with the author. Anyone wanting to edit, reproduce, publish, broadcast, perform or adapt the records must get written permission from the author first.


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